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Milton Whitley, 217 Tanner Creek, Sunnyvale, TX, 75182

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Milton hates customers after he gets what he wants from them...MONEY. He's reverting to lies and bullying. He's responding to negative customer reviews by lying and saying these are not real customers. He is posting under fake women's names acting like they are in customer service. Whitmoore Custom Homes doesn't have any women employees or a customer service department. Its just the multi-personality disorder builder Milton Whitley. He is probably wearing a dress and makeup when he is trolling and posting as a woman. Maybe that's why he is never on time and always making people wait for him...he thinks he is a woman! What will SHE do next to try to lie and trick his way out of trouble? Don't worry. We took screenshots of all you lying posts and female names. You are exposed.

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