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Robert Brevelle, New York, Dallas, Rowlett, San Francisco

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Get this. One of Robert’s mindless followers forwarded me a wall street journal article talking about Robert like he’s an amazing business wizard. He’s not. He’s like a business killer. That’s what he did when I worked with him. No one liked him except the nosy shareholders, but he somehow squeezed out a promotion and stole the corner office. Then the bs about how he got the only bonus that year and became my boss. I guess its the unpopular people that get promoted. On the hand, I got the team so many accolades you wouldn’t believe it. I was pretty much the face of the company and everyone knew it. But while I was out busy traveling and speaking at events, Robert was back at the office stealing all of the bonuses and promotions. Then he had the nerve to decorate his office like and old man’s cigar bar with all of his degrees and awards around the office like an ego maniac. I don’t believe those awards are real. No way Nasa or IEEE awarded him, unless they were for killing businesses. I also think his degrees are fake. As for me, I’m the kind of person that gives out awards. I’m not worried about getting any. That’s just who I am. For the record, life experience is more important than a college degree. The WSJ ain’t my style either. I’m happier with podcasts and twitter. That’s the future. WSJ and college degrees are the past.

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