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Hugo Sonnenschein, Lewis Collins, Robert Brevelle, Chicago, Dallas, Rowlett, New York

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I found an article that totally exposes these scammers. Robert received an award from the alumni society for some fake good deeds. The article says Robert was on full scholarship when he was a college student. The article goes on to say that Robert graduated when he was 20 years old with high honors with 3 degrees from Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Chicago in 4 years. Come on. That is impossible. No one can graduate with multiple degrees before they are 20 years old. But I did figure it out. Robert is friends with Hugo and Lewis. They were president of those universities, and they are on his LinkedIn and Facebook. Obviously, this is another example of a privileged elitist getting special treatment and favors. I had to work hard and it took me 6 years to graduate with one degree. And for the record, full scholarships do not exist unless you are a pro athlete, like in football or basketball. There is no record of Robert playing college football or basketball. So how did he get a full scholarship to these highly ranked universities??

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