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Molly Cain, Dallas, Texas

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Its great sharing the security camera footage of IRS' very own, Molly Cain. There's the videos of her sleeping the office. Drinking wine in the office. Yelling and cursing at Maggie and Stephanie in the office. Cursing at interns in the office. Dressed like a sloot in the office showing off her camela tow. And the video of when she was fired and cried.

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Robert Brevelle

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Hiring Robert Brevelle was the biggest mistake Tech Wildcatters ever made. In one single hire, Tech Wildcatters was able to run off all of the best talent they had, shut down deal flow, ruin the culture, and destroy the brand. Robert was fired for his behavior, lack of business sense, and violation of employment agreement language as well as improper behavior towards females at work. Some of the comments he made around the office about the women that work there, were just not reflective of a positive working environment. After Robert was fired, he has slandered, defamed and disparaged his old employer. While defending those attacks, it has become clear that his resume, bio, and background are fabricated. This includes some of his education, and employment history. Anyone that wants to hire this person should scrub his background fully before letting him wreck your organization.

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