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Homophobic People

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Please stop harassing people for their existence. Please stop asking for the government to restrict their rights. And no, your Christianity is no reason to act like a non-Christian towards an entire demographic of people. Yes, you're entitled to *personal* beliefs. If you believe you shouldn't act on homosexual tendencies, that's fine. You do you. (If you actually aren't straight, please consider you might be missing out on a large part of life, but still, if that isn't justification enough, don't act on homosexuality.) Just *don't* force others to practice the same belief. This is America--not f*cking North Korea. The people who want the government to control people who are not physically or emotionally abusing anyone are always the bad guys. If you want this country to tolerate your personal beliefs, practice the same tolerance towards other beliefs. (Again, only beliefs that are *not* physically or emotionally abusing anyone.)

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