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Knee Replacement, Windber, PA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dr Trale replaced my knee on 9/17/18 at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center ,from the educational seminar before surgery to the discharge planning, everything and everyone there were very professional and helpful, any questions they were answered also it's all in one place,The educational seminar is right across the street.Back to the surgery I was out in about an hour and up and walking a couple hours later,Dr Trale checked in my progress throughout the day and discharged me the next morning,he set me up with home physical therapy,I chose home physical therapy over going to a facility I'm glad he gave me that option,I did my exercises as instructed. I am now about 1-1/2 years post up and doing fine. Thank you Dr Trale Sincerely Chuck.?

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