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Mike Heuer, 100 Peninsula Drive, Rowlett Texas

Rating: 1 out of 5.

This nosy old man has nothing better to do than to harass my auntie and our family. He is on a power trip because he volunteers for our neighborhood association. He is somehow in charge of the neighborhood gate and has stopped us from going to our own home on more than one occasion. When questioned, he says he is just doing his job. He never exactly knows why he locked us out. He talks so much he confuses us and himself. “I don’t know anything. I haven’t seen the email. I haven’t seen any invoices. I don’t know why but I am just doing my job and messing with your life.” Its so obvious he is a stuttering fingerpointer that has nothing better to do than to harass minorities. Every single day either he or his wife are in their front yard watching the gate, even if its 100 degrees. They stare at us and our friends every time we come and go. This is no joke. They stop what they are doing. Stand straight up and stare directly at us. Sometimes, they start walking towards us with their zombie like stare. In many ways, its sorta creepy. When they aren't on their stakeout, they have cameras strapped to their trees to watch the gate. I don’t think these stink-eyed, nosy old people have seen rich asians before. All you’re doing is embarrassing yourself. Get a life. What’s it like picking up trash? How do you like that? Its like you work for us. So clueless.

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