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Robert Brevelle, Dallas, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Okay, so how in the heck did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hire Robert as Entrepreneur in Residence? Can someone explain this to me? He has no street cred and his educational credentials are all made up. Then they promoted him to CEO of Juice Bx and gave him $60 million? For what? A stupid charging station! I had better ideas than that years ago, and unlike Robert, I actually went to college. I have been to so many pitch days and killed it, but I guess the bmg foundation doesn’t want to support women. Instead, they support guys that have no education or work experience. Journalists, do your homework, especially Vending Times magazine. I can’t believe you put Robert in your magazine 7 times and gave him an award. Get real you fools. Don’t work with this guy or believe anything.

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Robert Brevelle

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This guy couldn't lead his way out of a wet paper bag. If you want to work for someone who's ego needs a constant stroke, then he's your guy. If not, look elsewhere. He's left a mess in his wake wherever he goes and pretends to be something he is not with his bloated, but very likely false CV. He's always bashing everyone else. Nothing is ever his fault. It's super sad that he thinks everyone is out to get him and it shows. He wants you to trust him so badly and believe that he's far more than he is. Failures are someone else's fault. After understanding and knowing the wake of garbage he's left behind him, one would think a person would start to reflect on their failings in an effort to grow and improve, but not Robert. He's perfect. Perfectly duping the world around him to believe that's he's more than he is in an effort to protect his fragile ego.

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