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Milton Whitley, Whitmoore Custom Homes, Sunnyvale, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

If you are considering Whitmoore Custom Homes, ask for a list of customers that he has build homes for in the last 5 years. Ask how many homes completed on schedule. That would be none of them. Ask how many have sued or threatened to sue him. That would be all of them. Ask how many have provided him with a positive review or referral in writing? That would be none of them. Ask him to put his answers to you in writing. He won't because he plans on lying. Look at his online reviews. All reviews are negative except for those he or his friends wrote. None of the reviewers' names match the names of any of his customers. He spends a lot of money getting negative reviews taken down. Look at Yelp. He paid them to delete all of his negative reviews. You can still see some of them. Look at the bottom of the page where it says reviews that are not recommended. There are 6 bad reviews there. There were more over a year ago, but Milton has some money getting them removed. For a builder that claims to have 20 years of building homes, he does not have 1 positive review from a customer. Your family does not count as customers.

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