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Robert Brevelle, Dallas, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Let me tell you how Robert got on the cover of the Dallas Business Journal a few years ago. He has been in several feature stories since then and rated a 10 DFW Investor by these morons. But here is the dirty secret Robert doesn't want you to know. He consults for Advance Publications, the parent company of DBJ. He knows several of their executives and board members. You can verify this by going on LinkedIn and stalking Robert. You will see they are all friends in his network. So once again, another example proving that Robert is getting all of this fake recognition and fake news because of his dumb friends are promoting him. That $1M charity donation to the environmental group is also a scam. Robert is on the board of directors of that charity and the wildlife foundation. Its just a bunch of Robert's idiot friends all sitting around duping the world.

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