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Milton Whitley, Whitmoore Custom Homes, Sunnyvalle, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

You will only get low quality work from this expensive builder. Two years into a one year contracted schedule with our very, very close family friends, and we couldn't believe our eyes. The house is still months away from completion and what is finished looks terrible. The kitchen looks cheaply put together. The builder said the cabinets are solid wood. He lied. Cabinets are MDF and particle board. That's basically glue, saw dust and cardboard. The appliances don't fit in the fake cabinets. We saw huge gaps in the flooring. You can't help but see the crooked walls and the inconsistent dry wall texturing. There are cracked bricks and gaps large enough for bugs and snakes to get in the house. When we visited, our friends had taken time off work. They kept having to stop and tell the builders employees what to do since the builder was no where to be found. We couldn't believe what else they told us. Oh the horror stories. I can't just sit by and not say something to warn people. While this home builder pulled a fast one on an innocent family, I hope they don't get away with it next time.

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