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angels woodworking, oakland

Rating: 1 out of 5.

My stankova moment happened today. I asked for a contractor to come to the house and give me an estimate on a new man cave. I had a good year and I need one. My wife got to him first and convinced him we needed to cabinets. You know who won that argument. I noticed when he came through the door he had no tape measure. What kind of contractor shows up at someones house with no tape in hand ready to measure. A tape measure is like an appendage to a contractor, a required tool, prosthesis. I have hired contractors before and they always have it with them no matter what they do or where they go. You go to home depot, Lowe's, Ace a contractor will have it attached to him or in his hand. A contractor who shows up at your door without a tape measure is a guaranteed stankova. A person who hires them thank god i convinced my wife to find someone else is also a stankova and deserves there money to be taken or the quality of work to be poor. Come to someones door with the proper equipment, ready to work not Excuse me I did not bring mine with me.

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