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howard chasolen, wood street

Rating: 1 out of 5.

“Follow-up After Talking With A Former Worker “ Dear Dr. Chasolen. As you know with all the discussions that we had, hopefully you can understand of my long and odious dental journey that you help put me on , and surly you knew that I had the expense of a total cost to me- starting from the university's cost for $14,000.00 plus Dr. Mish's cost of $11,800.00 and the $37,595.00 to your office ,and to date I have not a single red cent of receiving anything in workmanship nor any money back from you. plus the new cost of $27,000.00 for me to completely start all over again with another dentist, and yet another dentist to correct all of the mistakes at a cost of $29,000.00 so now with a grand total cost of $119,395.00 In all to me. I can not conceive how you must feel, of you departing an 81 year old veteran of $37,595.00 and stalling this case of my going back and forth to your office for two years, and aprox.30 visits at 80 miles per. visit -totaling over 2,500 miles and in very early morning travel (6:00 Am and on several return trips in heavy 5:00 Pm traffic as well) I think in all fairness, I was concerned of you having to pay a fee to the lab in California that you used. -and I offered to sign an affidavit to them in stating that the ten times that they could not get their work right, and that we were not going to accept the unit- as I didn't want them to charge you for the shoddy work that they were doing-time after time, and you said not to worry- as it's being sent back to them, and that they would then realize that you would not be charged at all for it, so instead you were able to keep all the money that I paid to you. I recently met a former worker of yours at the mall and I was told that all your office workers really felt bad for what you were putting me through- and how awful for what you did. I am asking at this time- in all fairness- again- if you would honor a financial adjustment for me ,as if I received a total completion of the work that you started- and if you didn't receive any money – I am sure it would not be fair to you- if you successfully completed my case, and not being paid, you would not like it. You did offer me any models , molds or anything that I may have needed for a new dentist, but I was told that dentist don't really want to use other dentist plans and case items. Please give me a call, an email- or perhaps to meet, and as I mentioned before "that I don't have sour grapes with you" and would be pleased to meet with you if you prefer. I would like to make mention of the $7,000.00 implant cost of Dr. Scott's implant crown- plus the initial cost for you to remove the crown ,as the lab could not line up their work with it, and in all fairness it was damaged at your office by your assistant that chipped it while trying to remove the temp. “Surprising for the two years of my treatments at your office ( you probably worked on my case for about 3 solid hours if any” And that is why it was a total failure, as you did not show any interest for the very complicated case that you stated -when you made me make payment of the $37,595.00 in full long before any work was ever done. You stated to me that it would be better if we removed that $7,000.00 crown to make the lab do their work with less effort, But you charged me $3,000.00 to remove the crown that was chipped at your neglect to removing the temp. unit correctly in the first place. and in closing I did spend an awful lot of unnecessary money- "and I thank God" for not having that additional cost when you sent me to your friend Dr. Ferris- who wanted a ridiculous amount of money for an unnecessary gum graft- and for the sum of $20,900.00- and Dr. Mish laughed and said that I did not need any such gum graft, and the cost to me from your friend Dr. Ferris to tell me of that,- was an additional charge to me for $200.00 Respectfully . Ray Romeo

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