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Person Rating Stankova Customers, Utah

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Preach, brotha! (Or sista; idk who u are lol)

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Stankova Customers, Utah

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I agree about being nice to people, its Walmart policy. Its not easy to do. I work in the auto department a job i enjoy. A customer came in wanted his tires changed while he shopped. When he returned 20 minutes later he wanted to know why it was not done being abusive? - Nothing gets done in 20 minutes especially when there are 5 cars ahead of you. - When we call your name on the paging system respond - when you have security lock nuts on your wheels leave the key with the ***.ciate. Walmart employees do not have the keys to your lock nuts on your tires. We do the best job we can with abusive stankova customers and we do it with a smile because we don't want to loose are jobs. Rule - Treat others how you want to be treated and you will see how smooth things go.

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