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Rescheduling and changing drs without telling me., Little rock, AR

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I have epilepsy and have had it since I was 10 months old and am now 30. I've had to see a neurologist every 4-6 months my whole life. Well my last neurologist retired gave me a 5 month notice so I had time to find a new one. I did and had he retired in March 2016 I found a dr ar uams neurology clinic for July 2016. That would of been fine I had just seen my dr. Then they called and rescheduled it for September 2016, then again for December 2016. Then in December right before my appointment they called and said my dr I was supposed to see left and I was now scheduled to see a new one for July 2017. I of course went off on her but she didnt care. Then in June she called and said that dr left and I now had a new one and my appointment was now in September. At this point I'm giving up hope. A week before my appointment they call, I'm thinking it's to remind me of my appointment. Nope. Rescheduled for March 2018 so now it's been 2 yrs without seeing a neurologist. I just hang up on her. She calls again and its rescheduled for September then again for January 2019 then again for February then again back to January. It was supposed to be January 3rd. I hadn't heard anything from them or gotten anything in the mail like new patient forms. So I called and they rescheduled it again for February and changed the dr again without telling me. So now it's going on 3 yrs no neurologist. I said I dont have any hope of actually seeing a dr until the end of 2019 maybe 2020. Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do? I would definitely not refer them to anyone. If I could of given a 0 or -10 I would of.

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