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Melencia A Velasquez, 747 Via Barcelona, Mesquite, TX 75150

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Melencia “Mel” Velasquez is a serial scammer operating in the Dallas metroplex. A bible beater with a devil’s smile who is not to be trusted. She has been trying to take over our volunteer group but no one trusts her. Here’s why. She has been repeatedly cited by the Texas Board of Architectural Designers for falsified credentials and ethics violations. She has a long and disturbing history of falsified affidavits and liens with penalties from the State of Texas, Dallas County, and City of Mesquite. She has been sued twice for breach of contract and default. She doesn’t like to pay tolls or airport parking and ran every scam possible to get out of paying her debts. She has attempted to sue everyone and every insurance company every time she is in an accident, even when it was her fault. She is a horrible human being with no sense of morales or christian values. Her whole family is crooks. Her sister Oliva Padilla got out of the federal penitentiary after stealing millions from sick and dying people. She tries to still be active in politics but she is a convicted felon and not supposed to vote. She sure will talk to you like she is a political commentator on CNN but she is just a dumb convicted felon. What a pair of demons. Look up her record. Go to the Dallas County website and search for 201600152274, 198800969844, 20080375871, 198800969843, 201600152274, 198800969845. There is a lot more out there and news articles about these scammers. I don’t know how these crooked filipinos have not been deported yet. Jesus is watching you. 03/15/2020

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