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Vu Tran of Rolex Inc, 9714 Peach Tree, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Vu Tran, Employee, Rolex Service Center, Dallas, Texas; Date Posted: June 7, 2017. This diversity employer policy must be revamped. Currently it promotes all the wrong values and people. We have a guy in the office that does not have a college degree or people skills. He's been promoted over others that are much more qualified. He that can barely speak english. Several people have complained about his communication abilities. I can barely understand 10% of what he says. He is the office goof constantly laughing and smiling ear to ear no matter what's being discussed. With that face, no one is sure if he actually understands what's going on in the meeting. He will say he understands but he doesn't. He requires follow-up after follow-up. He gives preferential treatment to other asians. He jokes by saying 'asians work harder and better'. If I said something like that about my race, I would be fired. What is ironic is that he is asian and he does not work harder or better than anyone I know. To be honest, he is a very inefficient worker that brings down the productivity of others around him. Rolex, hire and promote qualified people based on their performance. Stop all discrimination, including reverse discrimination. Replace Vu with someone that can manage, communicate, and be inclusive to all employees.

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