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Melencia Velasquez, 747 via barcelona, Mesquite, TX 75150

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I was duped by this old clown. I thought she was a nice old asian lady that was kind of a simpleton, so I agreed to help her out. Turns out she was scamming me. She wasted my time and my time is money. I work solely on commission. She let me do all of the work and then scammed me out of my commission. I have a contract but she used someone else’s name and is acting like she doesn’t understand English all of sudden. I researched her online. I found this site with her negative reviews. The reviews are accurate. She has bad credit and multiple creditors are after her in Texas. She’s like 5 feet tall, black hair but balding, and dark eyes like a coyote. Melencia runs around with a lady named Olive, like from the Popeye cartoons. Olive is a convicted felon. I found the Dallas news article where she was convicted of federal medicare and medicaid fraud. That monster was scamming sick and dead people. You meet all of kinds of people in my line of work.

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