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Molly Cain, Govcity GlassHeel Sumo, Dallas, TX

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I would like to present several facts about Molly Cain. 1. She is a sexist male basher and has hundreds of documented blogs, posts, and tweets proving it. 2.While she preaches feminism, girl power, and men are evil she lives off a trust fund given to her by a man. 3. She is always making supportive comments about poor black and brown people and about racccist white people. Molly is white, and her family owned slaves and her Dad and Grandfather employed illegal aliens and paid them pennies. Her family's trust was build on racism and taking advantage of minorities.That's where her money comes from. 4. She was fired from most of her jobs where she spent most of time filing sexual harassment and discrimination cases against her coworkers. That's why so many of them have come forward and posted on this site and others.

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