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Kenny Tran, 9714 Peach Tree Lane, Rowlett, TX, 75089

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I own a small business that sells online through my website and on Amazon. I received negative reviews from a customer and shortly thereafter started receiving multiple negative reviews from people claiming to be a customer. I never in 8 years of business had this many complaints, and the customer names did not match any orders. The timing was suspicious, as it coincided with the negative review from an actual customer, Mr. Kenny Tran. I researched this, and now believe I am the victim of an internet troll. I know that Mr. Tran is behind these negative reviews intended to hurt my business. Covid-19 is already impacting my business and I don't need an internet troll trying to finish it off. I fulfilled Mr. Tran's order to 9714 Peach Tree Lane. If he is unsatisfied, return the order for a full refund. Do not troll my business. Have some respect for others and for yourself.

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