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Robert Brevelle, Yellow Brick Road

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Don’t look now, but for all of you haters out there Robert was named a Top 10 Angel Investor for Dallas 2022, 3rd year in a row. 4 years if you count his top 10 ranking in silicon valley. His new house received a design award and its over 12,000 square feet. AND he just got an award from the National Wildlife Foundation and the Evangeline Conservancy. For the record, that’s me in the article with him so maybe I’m biased. BUT hey you haters living in your parents basement trolling the internet, keep writing your crazy reviews about him. They are very entertaining. He obviously gave you a painful dose of reality and you haven’t been able to find happiness in your safe place ever since. We are ordering another round of drinks as we read your sad, embarrassing complaints. Silly yoga pant camel toe snowflakes. Blahahaha.

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