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Molly Cain, FastCompany, Washington DC, DC

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Dump, clumsy biotch tripped over a brick and jacked up her fat stumpy leg. With nothing to do, she is tweeting about how it was cool for her bosses to fire her from every job in her miserable career so that she can keep moving up. Epigen Technology fired her, but she claimed it was a mutual decision. Didn't she say the same thing about Sumo Ventures? Wait a minute, she's deleted both of those jobs from her Linkedin. Oh, but she still has a make believe volunteer jobs on her Linkedin. You know, the ones that don't pay. I guess the lie must go on. The twitter troll is suffering from this thing called karma. Must be nice to be living off of mommy and daddy. #WhitePrivilege

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