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Category: Gabriella Zielke

Tech Wildcatters Owner, CEO and Investor, Dallas, Tx

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I sent Gabriella, my one time mentor and boss, a long email explaining why she is the way she is...a narcissistic and backstabbing person that has image issues that result in her having to sleep with men of all ages (including the elderly). See, I worked for Gabriella on an agreement that she would mentor me and help me build my own brand. I thought it was going well at first, but then she started to blame for her failures. She started to talk about me behind my back and even commented on my appearance to clients. She became so unprofessional and hostile that I dreaded going to work. I felt sick sometimes. Then one day she got physical with me and that was it. I let her know exactly what I thought about her and her office romances. I also confided in a good friend that was a large investor in Tech Wildcatters. Gabriella eventually apologized, but a few months later, she had me fired. She spent those months creating a paper trail of fake problems and issues, which she blamed me for. She didn't have the nerve to fire me and she didn't even come to the office that day. I tried calling and emailing her afterward, but she ignored me. I heard from a friend that still worked there that Gabriella was telling everyone she was going to sue me for harassment. Now that I am doing great and my career has really taken off, I decided to contact Gabriella. Her career has tanked and she is a struggling writer and reality tv star hopeful without a publisher or agent. My advice to everyone is to let people know how you feel and you will feel much better. I know I do. Have fun being a loser Gabriella.

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