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Joyce W Lindauer, 117 S Dallas St, Ennis, TX 75119

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Got a review about this good for nothing lawyer Joyce W. Lindauer. Our family's experience is with her and her tiny team of legal specialists (rather special ed) in Ennis Tx. She also has an office in Dallas at 1412 Main St STE 500. My mother hired her for help with IRS and potential bankruptcy filing. My mother is old and trusting. Joyce convinced my mom to also use her legal team (just Joyce and some old guy that is a secretary and paralegal) to handle her estate planning. Joyce also referred my mother to a CPA office to handle her rental homes and other income. What a nightmare it has been. Joyce grossly overcharged my mom. At least 3X what any other reputable lawyer would have charged. Joyce's work is not acceptable. Typos, spelling errors, wrong addresses, and documents reference sections that do not exist. I think its all cut and paste documents Joyce found on the internet. The CPA Joyce referred also proved incompetent. She also overcharged and made several errors on my mom's financial statements which then caused errors in her federal tax filings. Now I am left cleaning up this mess and Joyce's office wants to charge me thousands of dollars to fix their mistakes. If I could give a negative 10 stars on this review, I would. Do your homework and research the many complaints filed against Joyce's law offices.

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