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Debra Shinder, 4000 Main Street Rowlett, TX 75088

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Before you read this, just go to the city government web site and pull up her bio with picture. Friends, that look says it all. This eye-piercing crack-addict that likes to hang out at our ugly city parks is what we get for the pro team. We have the ugliest city parks in the country. They look like unmaintained yards in a section 8 complex in little Mexico. Overgrown weeds, trash, dog droppings, and Deb. That's what you'll find at the city parks. Oh yeah, and the occasional used condom when you stroll by the homo *** areas. The only people that use the parks are Deb, the homos, and the Mexican fisherman that litter like they are back in Juarez. Stop building more parks. Maintain what we have so that taxpayers can use them. Geez.

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