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Mike Gould, Collin County District Clerk 2022

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Mike Gould. Zero work experience. Zero education. Zero credibility. Filed for bankruptcy and has a credit score to match. Is that who we want as our District Clerk? Ask him to prove my statements wrong. He says he is a conservative christian and tax payer. He is lying. He is not conservative or christian. He is against divorce, but he is divorced. He is against more apartments, but he is renter. As a renter, he doesn't pay property taxes in Collin County. I am so fed up with his bull. All he talks about is how he worked in a restaurant as a manager (not true. he was a host) and how he is a big time realtor (not true. fired from 3 different brokers and pull his sales record. Its pitiful.) He is a total piece of lying crap.

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