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Property Management, 100 S. Ellsworth Dr. # 400, San Mateo, CA

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Omar Savir is the owner and had a company called Beepi, a copy to Carvana in selling used cars. He collected many millions from angel investors, over hired, his company went down in a short period of time, he walked away with the monies. Then he started Belong Home, collected the many millions from angel investors, over hired very young people with no experience, working from their homes to be property managers. It is catastrophic to the tenants as nothing is ever fixed, they take on falling apart dilapidated units, and lie consistently in fixing all from the start. Belong writes their own reviews, treats there tenants like their enemies. Their Pro Services illegally charges you to fix things that were not addressed since inception, they falsely charge their tenants many 1000s' of dollars. The plan again with Savir is to fail again, endanger all tenants, rip off all tenants and take the money and run. That is why Savir remains in a rental, himself. Belong has been cited by DBI repetitively.

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