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Dean Pritchard

Rating: 1 out of 5.

What an appalling 'manager'. He clearly has no idea how to run a store. He constantly lied to his team to make himself look better and showed little to no regard for the wellbeing of his staff. Any success of the store he attributed to himself and never the team. He always expected me to stay past my shift and skip breaks. If only he was still at the store, I would report him for multiple bullying and harassment cases. He is unapproachable and I felt I could never come to him with any problems. He claimed that I wasn't part of the team. If people were speaking to me badly or out of line, he would ignore it and expect me to brush it off, yet if I was ever stressed he would have a go at me straight away. He would constantly expect me to be happy and smiley yet he was always allowed to be in a bad mood. One rule for one, one for another. He has very poor listening skills, he's a poor judge of character, (clear from his hiring of staff who stole, managers who were incompetent, and his failure to deal with incompetent staff who were already there). Very poor manager.

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