JoyRate Contact

Users can invalidate a review if they think it is fake, abused, out of business, etc. Every user can invalidate two times in every 30 days. Based on the liked number and invalidated number, users can choose to take or ignore a review. If a user invalidates too many times in the past six months, this user may be banned from using this website.

The above method can automatically identify the quality of a review. If you think a review is not true about you, you can invalidate it, and other people can also invalidate it. Thus naturally this will identify the quality of the reviews and users are expected NOT to contact us.

JoyRate has very strict criteria to remove a review. For example, if a review has extreme liked and/or invalidated numbers, JoyRate may automatically remove this review. If a review is not removed, users can use their own judgement to decide whether the review is useful.

If the above still did not resolve your issues, your can visit this Membership Page to join as a member of JoyRate to have some privileges.

By now, all your concerns should have already been addressed. We STRONGLY prefer that you do not directly contact us; unless you still HAVE TO, you can use this email: law at joyrate dot com . Please provide your country, the context about the review you refer to (like a screenshot), and the evidence why you think it is incorrect in the email.

If you find a bug or has other feedback while using JoyRate, you can also send an email to the above email address, and we will forward your report to the right department.