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Bert Lo Campo, A school in blacktown

Rating: 1 out of 5.

The only thing I’m going to tell you is this is in the Blacktown lga in Sydney nsw. The principal is arrogant and never listens to feedback. Enforced uncomfortable slacks in the winter. He only cares about himself. Made us sit in a hall for an entire hour for lunch while teachers planned for naplan. Patted me on the head. Took 7 months to finally do something. Doesn’t care about students. Slacks on his job. Doesn’t do anything around the school except come up sometimes in assembly’s. Our school is literally a communist haven where we are all put into places we don’t want to be and all rules have to be enforced or else. Like if you run you get sat down for the rest of our lunch time. This is just thought gathering of a person living under communism where you can’t criticise him. This school is the worst.

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